Printable joke kits and books by Chris Dunmire. Click titles for more detail.

Money Plant by Chris Dunmire
Dollar Bill Folding Fun! Money Plant (Cashius monetarius)
Learn how to make a dollar bill origami money plant gift. Includes reprintable fake fun seed packet.

World's Smallest Sandcastle
World's Smallest Sand Castle Joke Kit
A whimsical way to get kids to use their imaginations as you engage their sense of wonder.

April Fool's Joke Word Search Puzzles
Joke Word Search Puzzles
Printable April Fool's and everyday gag puzzles.

You Can Draw Cartoony Things!
You Can Draw Cartoony Things!
EZ Lessons for the Uncreative. 14 Printable how-to draw tutorials featuring Chris' signature NitWits flair.

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