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CreativiTea for Creative Brains!

CreativiTea for Creative Brains!™

The Not-So-Steep History Behind CreativiTea

By Chris Dunmire, Tea Con-noisseur

In 2006 I introduced my first fictitious brain-juicing blends of creativity-enhancing tea to the world as an online April Fool's Day prank. Yes, Earl Grey Matter and Mornin' Stormin' CreativiTea were the first two convincing flavors in my new line of teas 'currently being test-marketed in the Northeast' as a creativity-enhancing pre-brainstorming beverage.

The following was my approximate joke set-up followed by a button labeled "Click for a FREE CreativiTea Sample" which took fool-ee's to a reveal page about the tea actually being an April Fool's Day joke:

"I have promising news for those of you seeking to increase your creativity. After working closely with the product development team at a major U.S. beverage company, I'm pleased to launch this new line of creativity-enhancing herbal teas under the Mirecle CreativiTea™ brand name."

"After extensive clinical testing and three double-blind studies, my CreativiTea has proven that certain blends of herbs positively affect creative performance in artists, writers, engineers, scientists, and other creators. My proprietary recipe is now available to you exclusively through"

The joke's reveal page continued:

"You don't need to drink any special kind of tea to be more creative. What you need is already inside of you!

"Mirecle CreativiTea is pretty convincing, isn't it? In this world of quick fixes and with flavors like Earl Grey Matter and Mornin' Stormin' (and the spiffy packaging the bags come in) who wouldn't believe?"

Iced CreativiTeaEven today Mirecle CreativiTea is still a hot pot of fun, but now that the joke's out of the ball and thoroughly steeped through, I've combined all the brew-ha-ha onto this page for your enjoyment and to show you how you too, can play this joke on others offline — at home, in school, or in the office, or anywhere tea is served.

In fact, I've updated the tea bag design with extra border room and created a third brand-new CreativiTea flavor to celebrate this phony, albeit humorous occasion. It's called Minty Mental.

How to Play My CreativiTea Joke on Others...

Mirecle CreativiTeaTo play my slick CreativiTea joke on others, all you need is a printer, scissors, glue, and an adventurous sense of humor. I've made it simple for you: Just download and print one or more of my CreativiTea Packet sets, do some simple crafty cut-and-pasting, insert your own tea bags, and you're good to go.

The following page has all three of my Mirecle CreativiTea bag wrappers with tags and easy assembly instructions.

To the CreativiTea Wrappers »

© 2006, 2011 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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