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New Great Flavor!

Free Printable CreativiTea Joke Tea Bag Wrappers & Tags

By Chris Dunmire, Tea Con-noisseur

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Quick Tea Bag Assembly Instructions

Each download page (further down on page) contains two Mirecle CreativiTea bag wrappers and tags. The following are directions for assembling one bag.

You'll Need:

    • Scissors, X-acto (craft knife), or Paper Cutter
    • Craft Glue (white or clear) or Double-Sided Tape
    • Stapler
    • A Good Set-Up Story (to use when giving your finished tea bag away as a joke). Feel free to use mine.
  1. Print the Creativitea wrapper page on your color inkjet or laser printer.

  2. Cut out the double-sided tea bag wrapper and tag.

  3. Fold the wrapper and tag in half.

  4. Carefully unwrap and de-tag an ordinary tea bag, and replace tag and wrapper with the new Mirecle CreativiTea wrapper and tag. Note: The final design of the tea bag is a self-contained square with no overlapping flaps. See assembly illustrations below:

Attach tag to string.

a) Attach folded tag to string. Staple or glue string into tag. Adding a small knot at the end of the string is helpful before stapling.

Glue or tape inside wrapper.

b) Apply a thin bead of glue or tape to three edges inside the wrapper and fold closed. The top remains open. Be sure to stay as close to the edges as possible to leave enough room for the tea bag. For best results, allow bag to dry before moving onto the next step.

Wrap and tuck.

c) Wrap string around bag and tuck into wrapper. Optional: Seal closed. Now go practice your joke set-up story, and when you're ready, creatively execute this practical joke on your favorite tea-loving friend.

CreativiTea Wrappers Download Selection

Minty Mental CreativiTea

Download & Print 'Minty Mental' CreativiTea Wrappers
Two tea wrappers and tags (PDF 373 KB)

Mornin' Stormin' CreativiTea

Download & Print 'Mornin' Stormin' CreativiTea Wrappers
Two tea wrappers and tags (PDF 372 KB)

Earl Grey Matter CreativiTea

Download & Print 'Earl Grey Matter' CreativiTea Wrappers
Two tea wrappers and tags (PDF 403 KB)

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