You Can Draw Cartoony Things!

EZ Lessons for the Uncreative (2015 PDF Format)

Can't draw your way out a paper bag? I used to be that way too, until I invented my own cartoony style and allowed it to be silly and imperfect.

If you're new to the world of drawing, using a simple cartoon-style approach of doodling is one way to teach yourself how to draw by focusing on the essence of a subject. My cartoony drawing lessons use line, shape, and other basic elements to form fun objects.

I believe that everyone is creative.

So then why did I tag this book EZ Lessons for the Uncreative? I reveal that in the book.

You Can Draw Cartoony Things! is a simple creativity coaching tool that en-courages creativity in kids of all ages (even big-people ones). Originally published in 2008, YCDCT! was aimed at people who enjoyed doodling and included over a dozen of my Nitwits comics to show where the inspiration for each lesson came from.

This revised 2015 edition is simplified. It contains the same core lessons from the original version, a couple of my NitWits, and the intention to help users develop a deeper appreciation and confidence in their own ability to draw from their imagination, in more ways than one.

Lessons include (in alphabetical order): Ant, Bandage, Carrot, Cereal, Chicken, Cow, Mirror, Plant, Popcorn, Pumpkin, Sailboat, Snowman, Tea Cup, Tee

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