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Funny Fake April Fool's Fortune Cookie Messages

Good Fortunes to You!

By Chris Dunmire

Imagine... after eating a delicious Mongolian beef, Peking chicken, or shrimp lo mein meal complete with egg rolls, sweet 'n' sour soup, and crab rangoon at your favorite Chinese restaurant or buffet, you crack open a traditional fortune cookie for dessert hoping to find a message of inspiration, hope, or good will, only to find... well, one of these fake fortunes embedded in your slightly sweet treat!

Enjoy reading all of my funny made-up fortunes featured in my Fake Fortune Generator above. To see the next one, click the Next Fortune button.

Fake Fortunes
PDF 354 KB, 1 page
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©2015 Chris Dunmire

Print 'n' Use these Funny Fortunes

Want to print a sheet of these high-quality fun fake fortunes to use for your own practical pranking, jolly joking, or April Fool's Day foolery? Buy and instantly download this joke kit in a high-quality printable (and reprintable!) PDF format. Pay through PayPal (press Buy Now button above) and you will recieve a download link.

Make your own cookies and messages!

Want to learn how to make your own fortune cookies complete with your own home-made messages? Try this cookie recipe by Molly Anderson-Childers. It shows you how to make and bake traditional Chinese fortune cookies. Type your own messages with my online app.

Happy April Fools Day! •

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