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Christmas Bookmarks

Printable Christmas Bookmarks: Tree Ornaments Series

And a little reflection about Abraham Lincoln...

By Chris Dunmire

Over the last few years I've enjoyed a beautiful Christmas tradition with a very special friend of mine: I help my retired, mom-friend Pam decorate her Christmas tree.

Pam has decades of unique Christmas ornaments neatly packed away in boxes that emerge every season to hang on the freshly-cut fir she and her husband bring home after Thanksgiving.

And since hanging all the ornaments might bring the tree crashing down, each year a different mix is randomly selected based on available time and energy — from craft noodle ornaments made by her now-grown children and gift ornaments she's received from past students to delicate forget-me-not's and souvenir ornaments collected on her travels.

As we trimmed Pam's tree last night, I discovered an interesting ornament in the mix that I hadn't seen before — a miniature replica of the Lincoln Memorial that, when plugged into one of the icicle lighting sockets on the tree, illuminated the sitting president.

“What's it like to see Lincoln sitting there larger than life? Can you actually touch him?” I asked, knowing that Pam must have acquired the ornament on a trip in Washington.

Lincoln ornament“Just the tip of his shoe,” Pam said as she removed a small light bulb and plugged Lincoln into the tree. A dramatic presidential score filled the air for a few seconds.

(This a picture of the Hallmark collector's ornament I found on ebay.)

“Cool!” The light in front of Lincoln highlighted engraved words on the wall behind him. They were too dark for me see, so Pam grabbed a flashlight and read them to me:


I pointed out how the light cast a surreal, eerie shadow of Lincoln's head on the wall. It made me think about the cast of his face you can touch at the Lincoln museum in Springfield. And of his assassination. And the recent anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy. And how one thought easily leads to another about life, death, and the meaning of it all.

Pam then told me the story of Marian Anderson singing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1939 at the invitation of Eleanor Roosevelt. And about Martin Luther King, Jr's I Have a Dream speech. And we talked about the Vietnam Wall and US Marine Corps War Memorial, which led to more conversation and less ornament hanging. Soon our time together wasn't just about trimming a tree. It was about gathering and sharing; learning and teaching; and noticing and celebrating the ornamental details that decorate our lives.

This is why I love helping Pam decorate her tree. And now you know what inspired the creation of these bookmarks. Enjoy!

Christmas Bookmarks PDF

Download My Christmas Tree Ornaments Bookmark Set
Set of 3 Designs | 7.22 KB PDF

Paper Bookmark Assembly Instructions:

1. Download Christmas Bookmarks PDF file.

2. For best results, print page on 8x11" card stock or tag board.

3. For extra border, cut bookmarks out on dashed line. NOTE: If laminating bookmarks, apply laminate sheeting before cutting out or hole-punching.

4. Optional: Punch hole in top of bookmark and tie on string or ribbon decor of your choice.

5. Enjoy! •

© 2013 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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