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Gingerbread Man Christmas Kit

“From the formless void creativity and imagination manifests into sweet little things.” ~ Chris Dunmire

Printable Gingerbread Cookie Man Christmas Kit

Use Pattern Cut-Outs for Christmas Tree Ornaments & Gift Tags!

By Chris Dunmire

ONCE UPON A TIME edible gingerbread houses entered my life. To my detriment, a cracked gingerbread man conspired with temptation to deconstruct my efforts, bite after bite, at crafting a simple candy- and icing- encrusted home. The seasonal taste for gingerbread has been my constant companion ever since.

[... if you'd rather not read my entire funny creative story, you can jump right to the free download here.]

Inspired by a slimmer physique, I turned to humor to satiate my taste for holiday gingerbread. Because the best diet cookies ever are still running away I'm forced to call upon my creativity for a lower-calorie solution: Fiber. Pulp fiction.

Yes, technology has enabled me to transfer my annual gingerbread addiction from dough to paper. Now instead of eating, I'm cutting (zero calories), trimming away scraps of paper and having LOTS of creative fun.

And YOU, creative friend, can also benefit from this crafty carbs exchange in the form of my new and improved printable Gingerbread Man Christmas Kit. Did you just wish for an endless supply of gift tags and cards? You got it!

Download my fun PDF bundle now containing 5 pages of reprintable Gingerbread Man novelties and cutouts you may use for your personal gift-giving use (and teachers have unlimited classroom use) for years to come.

Printable Gingerbread Man Christmas Kit Contains:

  • Gingerbread Man Christmas KitSmall Gingerbread Man gift tags
  • Medium Gingerbread Man gift tags
  • Large Gingerbread Man gift tag/card
  • Cutouts may also be used for Christmas tree ornaments, scrapbooking accents, and bulletin board decorations
  • Season's Greeting Gingerbread Cookies card
  • Gingerbread Man word search puzzle

Download and Print: Gingerbread Man Christmas Kit
(PDF 2682 KB, 7 pages)
All pages print on standard letter-sized 8.5 x 11" paper or card stock. Reprint as many as you like!

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Updated 12/15/13

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