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Halloween Punkin Word Find Puzzle

Download two formats of this free printable Halloween puzzle
in the download section further down on this page.


Halloween Word Search Humor

Halloween: The Legend of the ‘Punked Out Punkin’!

Find all the hidden words before
Halloween . . . or else!

By Chris Dunmire

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Surely by now you've heard the famous legends of Sleepy Hollow and Linus' Great Pumpkin, right? But have you ever heard the one about . . . The Punked-Out PUNKIN?

Now, superstition won't allow me to get into the story because it's piercingly scary and the warning of not repeating to others is dire. I've heard that if you do, all of your teeth will turn into candy corn on All Hallows' Eve. (Dentists are right; sugar IS bad for your teeth!) Suffice to say, it has something to do with revenge for teenage pumpkin smashers and haunting those who sneak-eat their candy without checking for pins and razor blades before getting home.

But I've also heard that you can keep this fiend away for another year by going on a relatively easy search and find mission. Are you up to it?

PunkinYOUR MISSION: An ancient Atlantean source (tribe of the Imagi Nation) has revealed 20 words to me that act as keys in a geometrical grid of alphabetical symbols that needs to be decoded before midnite October 31 to keep the Punkin away.

I know, I know, this all sounds far-fetched, but just in case, I recorded this mysterious information in the PDFs below which you can download, print, and decode. And just in case you're a non-believer, here's:

5 Other Ways to Use the Punkin Word Search Puzzle

  1. See how quickly you can find all the listed words. Make it extra challenging by closing your eyes.
  2. Give it to your child to beat your time (and keep busy while you untangle your Christmas lights).
  3. Find stray and unintentional words in the puzzle not on the list (there's at least one!).
  4. Hand it out as a bonus creative 'fun thing' with your candy on Halloween or put mini-puzzles (see downloads below) in kid's Halloween party bags as a bonus creative party favor.
  5. Turn it over and doodle on the back or write your next shopping list, which should include more Halloween candy.


Halloween Punkin Wordsearch Puzzle

Download Large Halloween Punkin Word Search Puzzle
(PDF 99 KB, 1 page, 1 puzzle per page)
Print one large puzzle on standard letter-sized 8.5 x 11" paper.
Teachers: Reprint as many as you like for classroom use!

Halloween Punkin Wordsearch Puzzle Minis

Download Halloween Punkin Word Search Puzzle Minis
(PDF 302 KB, 1 page, 4 puzzles per page)
Print four small puzzles on standard letter-sized 8.5 x 11" paper.
Cut puzzles out on dashed lines. Hand out to trick-or-treaters with your Halloween candy, put in kids party bags as an extra creative party favor, or give one to your cat.

© 2012 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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