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Hanging Gingerbread Man ‘Presence’ Poetry Merry Christmas! Tree Ornament

Gingerbread Man ‘Presence’ Merry Christmas! Ornament

Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament

By Chris Dunmire

At first it was a simple poem I wrote about presence.


In this moment
you are everything.

Gift yourself this space
feel supported and loved.

Every part of your before
creates this present
glorious moment of YOU.


Then it was added to a symbolic hug in the symmetrical shape of a Gingerbread figure with outstretched arms.

After imperfectly cutting it out with nicks and wavy lines, the 'accepting of self' sentiment was truly complete.

Then it turned into a printable Christmas ornament and ended up in many friendly hands, and finally, hanging on a Christmas tree.

Now it's yours to download, print, and assemble and hang in your Christmas tree or gift away to someone else to enjoy. There's no date on it, so it's timeless.

Christmas Tree Ornament PDF

Download Merry Christmas! Gingerbread Tree Ornament
174 KB PDF

Paper Ornament Assembly Instructions:

1. Download Merry Christmas! Gingerbread Tree Ornament PDF file.

2. Print page on card stock.

3. Cut out ornament front & back.

4. Glue or tape back-to-back.

4b. Optional: Laminate & trim.

5. Punch hole in top.

6. Tie on curling ribbon or string.

7. Hang in Christmas tree.

8. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas! •

© 2011, 2013 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

Updated 12/13/13

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