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A Rose in the Moment

Free Printable Bookmarks for Happy Valentine's Day or Just ANY Loving Day!

By Chris Dunmire

What is a rose in the moment? You'll soon find out when you read my poetic reflection overlaid onto a set of 'painted' bookmarks I recently created with the intention that they might inspire you the next time you 'stop to smell the roses', to pause for an extra few moments to really look and appreciate what you see.

Color. Texture. Softness. Beauty. Artful patterns. Line. Imbued essence. Whimsy. Energy. A delicate reminder the rose is for all of us to remember the beautiful gift, artful fragility, and temporal quality of life we all share. We are like roses. Let us treasure one another as such. Valentine's Day needn't just be about candy, cards, and gift giving. Take in this yearly event as a loving reminder of how precious we all really are to one another . . . every day.

See what your experience with this beautiful flower can open up in you. Write your own poetry about it. Create a piece of art around it. And then share it with those you love.

You needn't wait until your rose bushes bloom this summer to do this — visit the floral section in your local grocery store this week. Since Valentine's Day is nigh, roses are blooming everywhere for your experiential pleasure . . . even if you just look . . . smell . . . and touch. If you can't get out, go to Google images and type in "blooming roses." Then let your imagination take over . . .

Bookmarks set of 3

Download and Print: A Rose in the Moment Bookmark Set
(PDF 126 KB, 1 page, 3 bookmarks)
Bookmarks are designed for a high-quality print on standard letter-sized 8.5 x 11" paper or card stock. Reprint as many as you like and feel free to laminate or gift them away to others!

© 2012 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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